What’s New In DrumSpillage 2.0?

DrumSpillage 2.0 is a combination of new features and UI overhaul. After careful consideration we decided to stick with the existing formula that users liked so much in the original DrumSpillage and address some of the more common feature requests we receive. Here’s a brief overview of some of the cool new stuff we’ve added to version 2.


New User Interface

DrumSpillage 2 features a major overhaul of the existing user interface. We think the new UI is a massive improvement and you’ll enjoy working with DrumSpillage more because of it. In keeping with the original aesthetic we’ve continued with the flat design approach. Final UI design is subject to change.



LFOs and Modulation

Each pad now features 4 dedicated LFOs with full control over MIDI key-sync triggering. This is a big improvement over the existing setup which featured 2 pad and 2 global kit LFOs. We’ve also increased the number of available modulation destinations and added new waveform shapes. Assigning LFO sources and setting modulation depth is now more intuitive (see below).

DrumSpillage 2 Modulation Setup

To spice things up a little more LFOs can now be cross-modulated against each other and  the LFO editor has a dedicated space in the UI and no longer shares a tab with the envelopes. All of this combines to provide you with powerful tools for creating dynamic electronic rhythms.


Upgraded Synthesis

DrumSpillage 2 ships with the existing 13 algorithms from version 1 but we’ve added more modulation controls, additional synthesis parameters, new distortion algorithms and significantly upgraded the sound quality. For example, the hi-hat and cymbal models now feature super sweet anti-aliaised oscillators for a cleaner sound at the top end.

The models have been carefully retuned and optimised in both the UI and the DSP. These upgrades are significant so expect some changes when importing kits from version 1.x.


Velocity Control

Full velocity control for the synthesis parameters is here! Almost any parameter can now be played dynamically via velocity using a simple user interface technique (see below: ‘V’ slider controls velocity).

DrumSpillage 2 Velocity Control

This is an enormous improvement over the existing accent system and produces extremely dynamic results. Parameters may be influenced via a positive or negative bias. We’ve taken the existing dynamic accent system where velocity operates dynamically around a central threshold and applied it across the board. Sounds like a mouthful but all you need to know is that it provides a very natural and dynamic playing response. Velocity control visibility can be toggled via a switch in the UI so you can set up the desired response then easily hide it from view.


MPC/Maschine Pad Layout

A small feature but often requested. A simple preference button now configures the pad layout to mirror the classic MPC and the more recent Maschine style layout with pad 1 rooted to the bottom left position.


New Presets and Stability

DrumSpillage 2 includes a selection of new presets demonstrating the expanded sound design capabilities of the instrument. A lot of development work has gone into making DrumSpillage 2.0 a more robust instrument with respect to preset loading and audio stability.


Pricing and Availability

DrumSpillage 2 will be released this Summer and is available for Mac OS X 10.6 and higher. You can pre-order DrumSpillage 2 now from our online shop and get 25% off the RRP. Pre-order customers will receive a version 1.x license to use in the mean time. If you already own a license for 1.x you can purchase the 2.0 upgrade in our online shop. The upgrade costs £10.00 / €12.50 / $15.99.