DrumSpillage Development Update (1st Jan 2023)

DrumSpillage2 was released in 2014 but apart from a few minor bug fix releases there’s been no major update since then. That’s a fairly long time now.

The original DrumSpillage was only available as a Mac AU format plugin. V2 did nothing to change that. The UI code was written in with Apple’s Cocoa framework which I hadn’t used for many years. The DSP was tightly coupled to Apple’s Audio Unit implementation (which was pretty nice at the time) and probably the reason why it still runs quite well in most Mac DAWs today.

The work required to move DrumSpillage away from this Apple centric code base was significant and is worthy of a whole blog post in itself. I’m excited to write that post but this isn’t the place for it.

Amazingly there is still demand for this cult classic plugin and I still receive regular requests from people who lost their serial number and want DrumSpillage back in their life. I still get new customers and of course I still get asked about updates.

Will there will be a DrumSpillage update?

Yes. I’m not going to give too much away at this point but I wanted to try to reassure people that an update is being seriously worked on now. The key goals of the next update are:

  1. Native Apple Silicon support (M1, M2, ..)
  2. VST3 and AAX support
  3. Bug fixes and overall stability

At the time of writing this work is already complete. I’ve been happily running the Apple Silicon build for a few months now.

Is that everything?

No. There’s a slew of new features coming in the update including many of the top requests from long time users (anyone remember sample export in V1?). The final feature set isn’t fixed yet so I won’t be diving deep into the details for now but I’m very excited to see the new DrumSpillage taking shape. I look forward to releasing it. Soon.

Happy New Year 2023!

Stephen | AudioSpillage

38 thoughts on “DrumSpillage Development Update (1st Jan 2023)

  1. Thanks a lot for the update Stephen ! Really glad to read that the software is still in development and looking forward to using it of course. Will there be a randomization feature in this version 3 of Drumspillage ?

  2. This is amazing news – by pure coincidence I nearly emailed you a month or two ago to ask if DrumSpillage had been abandoned, and was fully expecting to hear that it was. I upgraded to an M1 Mac in the summer and have been missing it hugely over the last few months. This post has made my year, and it’s only January 1st!

    Happy new year to you, and I’m really looking forward to getting DrumSpillage back in my plugins folder 🙂

  3. This is amazing news! DrumSpillage is by far my favourite drum synth plugin and I was concerned about it’s future. Super excited. I hope the new version will allow for importing of V2 sets/pads…

  4. Thanks for updating this gem to vst!
    Looking forward to use Drumspillage without a AU wrapper in Bitwig 🙂

    • Then use something else. There are plenty of windows-only plugins and you don’t hear us b**ching about it.

  5. I love DrumSpillage, I was just reflecting on how it’s kept on giving for years. I bought it in 2015 and still use it frequently. Definitely one of my favorite plugins. There’s no equivalent!

  6. Great to hear that DS will be available as a VST. After moving from Logic to Bitwig, it’s one of the plugins I’ve been missing.

  7. Hi, glad to read these great news. Can’t wait to put my hands on.
    Yep a randomisation for each voice and all voice at ones could be amazing.


  8. Recently building out a new studio, upgraded and retired my old workhorse and starting fresh on a new M1 Pro. This was at the top of my list for the weapons in my arsenal and was just about to email you!!! Very psyched to kick off this new year and studio with this news!!!

    • P.S. Hit me up, my email is still the same as before. In the meantime I guess I’m going to try and get my older copies to install and run.

      Soooooooo excited!!!

  9. Great news 🙂

    Only thing I miss is scalable UI.
    Please do NOT implenment the following: Sample import. Build in sequencer and Effects.

    All the best

  10. Amazing! I keep an old machine just for this plugin – it’s still the best drum synth out there. Please re-add the randomising from V1 🙂

  11. Desperately hoping for a Windows version given…”The work required to move DrumSpillage away from this Apple centric code base was significant and is worthy of a whole blog post in itself. I’m excited to write that post but this isn’t the place for it.”

  12. Any updates on this, Stephen? I was hoping for some news before now since your post in January sounded like you were almost ready to put out a release. Would love to get Drumspillage working on my M1!

  13. Hello, goose bumps on my skin. An update in 2023? late to the party but excited to see if it is still ON 🙂

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