Today we were hoping to release Elecktroid – our latest drum plugin. On this occasion things didn’t quite come together. Whilst the plugin itself is all but finished the preset library just isn’t organised well enough to go ahead with the full release. Over the coming week or so we’ll be doing final testing, tuning and assembling a good collection of presets.

The alternative was to go ahead and release today with either no presets at all or a small set of presets to simply get Elecktroid up and running. Neither of those scenarios was ideal.

But who needs presets anyway? Most of our customers are seasoned synthesizer professionals. They can build a modular system from scratch whilst blindfolded and recount the complex maths behind FM synthesis without even breaking a sweat. At the same time we are regularly asked about extra presets for our current software and understand their importance. Indeed, when I asked one notable customer of ours about what he expected in a preset library he commented:

“I’m a guitarist. When it comes to synths and software I’m like a monkey. I just poke at stuff until it starts working and I get inspired.”

Fair enough. Presets it is and a short delay.

The sample material in our library was sourced from a number of providers and sound designers including our own in house collection of samples and patches. Whilst modest in size (you won’t be needing a new 1TB drive) we trust our presets will prove to be fruitful starting points for your work.

We hope you understand our situation and you are not too disappointed.