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DrumSpillage Change Log

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+ Restored 10.6 'Snow Leopard' compatibility
+ Added volume level readout on main pad editor
+ Fixed LFO tempo sync timing issues
+ Fixed UI initial sizing issues in Ableton Live 9
+ Fixed mute and solo alt key shortcut issues
+ Fixed an issue where cancelling kit/pad previews didn't restore original settings


+ Fixed an issue where the default kit may be loaded during re-initialisation
+ Fixed potential AU validation errors and crashes under Logic 9
+ Fixed memory leaks
+ Minor bug fixes


+ Improved envelope attack time with short 1-9ms times
+ Assign MIDI pitch to bass drums + FM
+ Keyboard mode added
+ Comb filter positive/negative feedback switches
+ Double click volumes, pan etc to reset
+ Noise decay envelopes are now fade in/out style

2.0.3 (beta)

+ Fixed UI size issues in Ableton Live 9
+ Fixed comb filter blowups
+ Fixed LFO triplet timing issues
+ Fixed filter DSP errors (inc. distortion filter)

2.0.2 (beta)

+ Fixed pitch controls in model editor changing selected model
+ Restored alt+click on mute/solo group operations
+ Volume and Tuning sliders now synced properly across views
+ On/off switch for velocity sensitive control of volume/amp
+ Modulation controls for Comb and Frequency Shifter