DrumSpillage 1.4 Update

One common request from existing DrumSpillage users was a new system for browsing kit presets. The previous solution did allow you to preview kits directly from the OS X file browser but version 1.4 now introduces a new and improved preset browser menu.

Download the demo version here and try the new preset browser:
Download DrumSpillage Demo (9Mb / AU plug-in for Mac OS X)

Easy Access Preset Kit Menu

DrumSpillage will now scan the main preset kit folder and build a menu of any subfolders containing kits it finds there.

The root folder path is: /Library/Audio/Presets/AudioSpillage/DrumSpillageKits

DrumSpillage Preset Kit Menu

For easy access to your own custom kits we suggest creating a folder in the root kit folder and copying your kits to it.

To scroll though an entire folder of kits simply load a kit and use the left/right arrows to cycle through the kits in that folder. The same technique also applies to pads. Simply load a pad and use the left/right arrows to cycle through the current folder. DrumSpillage doesn’t currently build a menu structure for preset pads.

Modifier Keys

The ‘fine grain’ modifier key has been changed from Shift(⇧) to Command(⌘) whilst the ‘snap to default’ modifier key has been changed from Command(⌘) to Alt(⌥). This helps improve compatibility across multiple hosts.

Other Changes and Fixes in 1.4

  • Improved mouse tracking behaviour of slider based controls
  • Fixed filter modulation losing correct modulation source
  • Fixed LFO frequency multipliers not responding
  • Fixed NoiseDrum pitch modulation control ‘sticking’ in some hosts
  • Fixed invisible envelope release stage handle in 64 bit hosts

More information about DrumSpillage can be found on the DrumSpillage website

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