Elecktroid: Basic Sequencer Operation

The sequencer section in Elecktroid provides 8 drum tracks and a number of advanced features such as custom track lengths, step probability and control graph editing. Combined these features allow for the creation of very dynamic rhythmic material.

Elecktroid Sequencer

Basic Step Programming

Each step in the sequencer is a simple on/off trigger switch. When on (red) the step fires and when off the step passes silently. Velocity and probability values can be assigned to any step. Steps default to 100% velocity (loudest) and 100% probability (always on).

Step Probability

Step ProbabilityElecktroid allows you to assign a probability value to any step in a track. What does this do? With a probability value of 50% there is a 1 in 2 chance of the step firing. 25% = a 1 in 4 chance and 75% means 3 out of 4 triggers will fire for a given step. This allows you to create non repetitive patterns that vary subtly over time or sound radically different with each pass. Experiment with this feature to get a feel for how it affects your rhythms.

Custom Track Lengths

Elecktroid features custom track lengths for each track in a pattern. For example you may have a kick drum looping every 16 steps but other percussive sounds may loop every 5, 7 or 9 steps creating a kind of ‘poly-rhythmic’ effect. Coupled with the step probability feature Elecktroid is capable of some very unique and dynamic drum rhythms.

Keyboard Shortcuts

  • Command (⌘) + drag up/down to change step velocity.
  • Alt (⌥) + drag up/down to change step ‘probability’.
  • Shift (⇧) + click to set step as ‘last step’.
  • Alt(⌥) + Shift(⇧) + click to set all last steps simultaneously.

Editing Modes (Standard/Nudge/Copy)

Editing ModeThe sequencer defaults to standard editing mode which is everything covered so far in this article. The editing mode can be selected via the S/N/C button (Standard / Nudge / Copy)

Nudge mode allows you to shift an entire track left or right in single step increments. In nudge mode the mouse cursor changes to a left/right style icon depending on its position in a track. To nudge left make sure the mouse cursor is in the left hand half of the track. To nudge right move the mouse cursor to the right side of the track.

Copy mode allows you to move and copy/paste tracks within a pattern. In copy mode the mouse cursor changes to an up/down style icon. Simply click and drag a track to move a track (the dragged track and the target track will swap places). To copy a track Alt (⌥) + drag a track to the desired target track.

Track/Pattern Menu

Track Menu

Right click on any track to open the track menu. Here you can copy/paste/erase tracks and patterns. You can also reset all the last step markers in the pattern by selecting ‘Clear Last Steps’.

Track Parameter Controls

Tracks in Elecktroid also feature 2 control graphs which can be fully customised to control almost any parameter in the plugin. This is a very powerful feature and allows you to program all manner of sonic variety into your rhythms.

The top control graph (red) is hard wired to MIDI velocity giving you a nice graphical representation of the track dynamics. The lower two (green and yellow) may be assigned to any parameter available from the drop down menu on the left. The parameter controls don’t set absolute parameter values. Instead they scale the existing parameter value in the Elecktroid user interface.

To reset a control to its default value Alt (⌥) + click on a bar. More shortcuts will be added to the graphs in the future.






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  2. Probability amplitudes for sequenced loops is the coolest thing i’ve come across for quite a while!

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