DrumSpillage 2.0: Over 50 New Features and Enhancements

It has now been some time since we first announced DrumSpillage 2.0. So what’s been happening? Summer ended a long time ago! In short: we re-engineered the entire plugin resulting in over 50 exciting new features and enhancements. Here’s a closer look.


Effects and Sound Shaping

We’ve bolstered the original distortion and filter shaping capabilities with the addition of a new 3-way comb filter resonator and frequency shifting unit. These effects can provide subtle ambience/spatialisation and/or total modification of the harmonic structure.


A new lo-fi decimation system adds character without degenerating into useless bit-gossip. Also fresh; a new analog modelled lowpass filter with classic resonant peaks and low end warmth.

  • New distortion algorithms inc. soft saturation
  • New 3-way comb resonator
  • New frequency shifter
  • 2D X/Y controller for distortion algorithms
  • Improved lo-fi decimation
  • New analog flavoured low-pass filter
  • Filter cutoff assignable to any LFO or envelope
  • Distortion and filter now polyphonic
  • Stereo spatialisation effects


LFO Modulation and Envelopes

A totally new step based envelope generator emits tempo sync’d modulation sequences with step count and looping facilities for full flexibility.


The LFO and envelope editors are now completely independent. The per pad LFO count is now at 4 LFOs per pad. LFO frequency can itself be modulated by another LFO or even one of the envelopes. Modulation potential is enormously expanded and the routing of it hugely simplified. LFOs are polyphonic, still.

  • New stepper envelope generator
  • Expanded to 4 LFOs per pad
  • Vastly improved modulation routing
  • New velocity mapping system
  • New LFO waveforms including chaos
  • Key-sync on all LFOs
  • LFOs can now be frequency modulated
  • Improved LFO tempo sync setup
  • Improved envelope tempo sync setup
  • Auto highlighting of nearest envelope handle
  • Improved envelope graphical editing
  • Simplified MIDI sustain setup for envelopes



The heart of it all. In V1 each drum synth model had a unique control interface. In DS2 we’ve standardised that interface. Most models now fit within a 10 slider arrangement.


Some of the more complex models like the FM and membrane synthesis still necessitate a more customised layout. The models themselves have been re-evaluated and re-tuned with significantly improved DSP, parameter mapping and programming depth.

  • Anti-alias oscillators in e.g. hi-hat and bass drum models
  • Parameter compatibility between models
  • Revert to previous model without losing previous sound
  • Enhanced modulation resolution
  • Improved FM calculation precision
  • Standardised interface layout
  • Pitch expansion controls are now real-time
  • Increased tuning range


Streamlined User Interface

The new UI in DrumSpillage 2 has been completely re-styled and is now rendered entirely in the vector graphics domain. Perfect for Retina displays.

Screen Shot 2013-11-28 at 23.19.50

  • Completely re-styed user interface
  • Redesigned easy-to-hit vertical sliders
  • Retina ready 100% vector rendered graphics
  • Handy per pad oscilloscopes
  • Independent tabs for LFOs and envelopes
  • Left/right selectors for pop up menus
  • MPC/Maschine style pad layout preference
  • Standardised layout for synth models
  • Improved clip meter reporting
  • Cleaner pad editor layout
  • Muted pads now ‘dimmed’ in the UI
  • Simplified serial registration system
  • Better tooltip support
  • Consistent parameter feedback for time (ms) and frequency (hz) controls


Technical Changes

  • Improved internal summing engine
  • Stability improvements
  • Cleaner parameter structure helps with automation
  • Cleaner DSP signal path
  • Optimised note allocation system
  • Compatible with sandboxed hosts e.g. Logic X
  • Improved preset handling


Release Date and Ordering

As of 29th November 2013 DrumSpillage 2 will be released very soon and is available for Mac OS X 10.6 and higher. There are still a limited number of pre-order licenses available from our online shop @ 25% off the RRP. Pre-order customers will receive a version 1.x license to use in the mean time. If you already own a license for 1.x you can purchase the 2.0 upgrade in our online shop. The upgrade costs £10.00 / €12.50 / $15.99.


4 thoughts on “DrumSpillage 2.0: Over 50 New Features and Enhancements

    • Perhaps in a 2.x update. The only issue here is in finding a clean solution for all those parameters. Previously a ‘sound design’ mode has been discussed where one assigns cc’s to individual controls which map cleanly regardless of which pad is currently being edited. If that makes sense.

  1. You guys are killing me and will always have me as a customer. Take your time and make it a fine product (and keep us up 2 date). So thrilled for V2!!!!!!!!!

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