DrumSpillage 1.2 Release Details

In this post we are going to take a quick look at the new features coming in the 1.2 update of DrumSpillage..

New Models

2 new models will be released in 1.2 bringing the total up to 13.  The first, FMPercussion, is a 3-operator (oscillator) FM synth featuring a variety of waveform shapes and multiple algorithm configurations.  The second, FM Matrix, is an interesting creation.  The basic idea is centered around a simple 2-operator FM synth where each operator also sports 4 additional inputs.  These additional input sources can be patched in from the output of any of the remaining 16 pads in a kit and used as FM modulator sources: bass drum, cymbal, tom or hi-hat sounds now become FM modulators.

Sample Export

The new export function allows you to export any pad as an AIFF, WAV or CAF (CoreAudio File).  This is an excellent tool when you want to use DrumSpillage’s sounds in a software or hardware sampler (e.g. Akai MPC) or when building your own sample library.

In addition to single pad export you can also bulk export the entire kit you are working on to a new folder.

Pad Freeze

DrumSpillage utilises some pretty intensive DSP algorithms so the impact on CPU usage can build up as you use more pads, especially on older Macs.  To help alleviate this you can now ‘freeze’ a pad which renders the current sound into memory and drastically reduces CPU usage.  Freezing can also be used creatively to capture parameter modulations at a point in time.


A number of users have requested this feature so we implemented it.  Most people were probably expecting a simple ‘Randomize’ button (press it and get a random set of model parameters) but we went a bit further than that.  The solution we came up with is based around the idea of a tape transport.  You turn the randomizer on, pause it, stop it and store anything interesting that comes up.  The randomizer can be extensively configured so you can exclude the the LFOs or envelopes, for example, from the randomization process.

The randomizer works on a per pad basis.  It can be used to add subtle variation to a pad over time or to provide fresh inspiration when you’re a little stuck or tired after a long session.


We won’t go into everything new in detail here – expect further blog posts exploring each feature in detail.  Some other additions in 1.2 include:

Trigger Locks: lock parameter changes until the next MIDI trigger.

Group Locks: lock parameter groups whilst loading a new pad.

DSP Optimisations: overall CPU use has been reduced.

GUI Optimisations: the GUI is now more responsive.

GUI Improvements: clearer controls and improved layout.

Release Date

The release date for DrumSpillage 1.2 is still to be confirmed.  1.2 will of course be free for all registered 1.x DrumSpillage users.

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