DrumSpillage 1.6 Update

User Interface

DrumSpillage 1.6 features the biggest overhaul of the user interface so far. Gone is the  foreboding black background and the overall layout is now better organised and more intuitive. Along with the improved colour balance and contrast we think DrumSpillage 1.6 is a much more inviting and productive experience.

The noise model in DrumSpillage

MIDI Keyboard Mode

DrumSpillage's MIDI Keyboard ModeAside from user interface tweaks we’ve also introduced a new and often requested feature which we are calling ‘MIDI Keyboard Mode’. To enable MIDI Keyboard Mode check the ‘MIDI Keys Mode’ box (see right). Once enabled a pad is now playable across the entire MIDI keyboard range and acts more like a traditional synth. Great for playing bass lines with a kick drum for example or building interesting textures and chords with the FM percussion model. Not the first thing you’d think to use a drum synth for but cool nontheless.

Multiple pads (or even the whole kit) may be set to play in midi keyboard mode simultaneously allowing you to create huge sounding stacks of drum layers across the keyboard.

X/Y Controller Changes

DrumSpillage's X/Y ControllerConfiguration of the X/Y controller in the pad view has changed a little. Instead of the separate drop down menus to assign parameters to the X or Y axis you now right click the control and select from a single menu. This is a much more convenient arrangement and also increases the controller size significantly.