DrumSpillage 1.2.1 Update

The latest DrumSpillage update includes a number of new features and bug fixes. Here’s a quick rundown of what’s new in 1.2.1.

Clave Flam Control

The Clave model now features a ‘Osc2 Flam’ control. This simple addition allows you to delay the second oscillator by up to 100 milliseconds to create a kind of flam effect. The effect is most audible when the two oscillators differ in pitch by a reasonable amount. The sound clips below illustrate the effect. The first with flam the second clip without.

[audio:http://www.audiospillage.com/sounds/blog/121update/ClaveDemoFlam.mp3|titles=Clave Flam Demo|animation=no|loop=no|initialvolume=95] [audio:http://www.audiospillage.com/sounds/blog/121update/ClaveDemoNoFlam.mp3|titles=Clave Demo (No Flam)|animation=no|loop=no|initialvolume=95]

Tooltips and Model Parameter Automation IDs

The GUI now supports tooltips which should help new users become acquainted with the interface more quickly. For the pro who knows DrumSpillage inside out tooltips can be turned on/off in the preferences page.

One useful benefit of using tooltips is that you can now easily lookup the automation model parameter number. For example the tooltip for the Pitch control in the BassDrum model reads: “Master pitch: #1”. Likewise the PitchEG control in the Membrane model reads: “Master pitch envelope depth: #4”.

The number after the hash corresponds to the names used for the model parameters in the plugin host e.g. Model Parameter #1, Model Parameter #2 .. Model Parameter #31

Bug Fixes and Minor Additions

Some pad related shortcuts have been restored/added. Shift+Clicking on a pad in the pad editor now turns the pad on/off correctly and now you can also Alt+Shift+Click on a pad to bring all currently muted pads back online.

Users of Cockos Reaper should also find that 1.2.1 no-longer constantly asked to be re-authorizated when instantiating the plugin.