Bonus Beats Vol.1: 19 Original Kits for DrumSpillage

Bonus Beats is a new series of preset expansion packs for the DrumSpillage drum synthesis plugin. We are happy to announce that volume 1 of this new series is now available featuring a collection of 19 original production-ready kits for your future projects. Expect to find punchy kicks, deep sub-bass, lo-fi crunches, hi-hats, snares, FX and everything else you might reasonably anticipate stumbling upon in a modern ‘machine funk’ collection.

Using the multiple outputs in DrumSpillage you can easily create unique mixes using your favourite EQ, compressor and reverb processors. Bonus Beats is ideal for getting your creative juices flowing whether you are producing, composing, remixing or scoring.

Bonus Beats is a free collection for all DrumSpillage users.

Download Bonus Beats Volume 1

Download DrumSpillage Demo (8Mb / AU plug-in for Mac OS X)

Sound Clips/Demos

The audio demos above merely scratch the surface of what is possible with this volume. The demos are 100% DrumSpillage with just a tiny amount of peak limiting to control a few peaks.

You can also download the uncompressed full-range audio file from SoundCloud using the player above (recommended). Or visit our SoundCloud page.

A small sample of MIDI loops are also included in this volume. Use your host MIDI import facility to make use of the loops.

Have fun with these kits and we’re already looking forward to compiling volume 2.

Kit List and Pad Grouping

Volume 1 boasts a total of 19 kits and 287 individual pads.

Dope Kits (2), Electro Kits (3), Electronic Kits (5), Lo-Fi Kits (2), Micro Kits (4), Techno Kits (3)

The kit names are only guidelines of course. The collection is also browsable by pad group allowing you to easily mix and match sounds from different kits. The pads are grouped by type:

Atmospheres (16), Bass (20), Claps (15), Cymbals (20), FM (6), FX (29), Hats (46), Kicks (45), Percs (49), Snares (41)

Kit Layout

The kits conform to a standard layout (some creative pad placement applies). The bottom 4 Aux/FX pads are intended to augment the current kit with sub bass, snare and hi-hat hits etc or to provide sound FX and atmospheric textures. The MIDI trigger keys start at C1 and finish at Eb2.

BD = Bass Drum

SD = Snare Drum

CHH = Closed HiHat

OHH = Open HiHatbb/